Providing ease of use solutions and administration for CRM, HR, PM and ERP products to companies of all sizes.

Human Resources

Comprehensive HR services, featuring state law governance, delivered to staff with compliance and confidentiality.

Information Technology

Providing: vCIO, vendor neutral Product and Project Management, On-premise and Cloud platform design, migration and management, including Backup, Dissaster Recovery and Network Security services.

BaaS and Merchant Services

Banking as a Service (BaaS) promotes agility in the financial sector, enabling rapid innovation and responsiveness to changing customer needs via collaboration between traditional financial institutions and emerging players, creating a dynamic ecosystem that encourages the development of diverse and customer-centric financial solutions.

Chances are you are leaving money on the table when it comes to credit card processing. As a top processor, we are confident we can save you money and time with our Daedalus credit card processing services.

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